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Apr 19, 2010

A Red, Red Rose

My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose
Thats Newly Sprung In June:
My Love Is Like The Melody
Thats Sweetly Played In Tune.

As Fair Art Thou, My Bonnie Lass,
So Deep In Love Am I,
And I Will Love Thee Still, My Dear,
Til A' The Seas Gang Dry.

Til A' The Seas Gang Dry, My Dear,
And The Rocks Melt Wi' The Sun:
And I Will Love The Still, My Dear,
While The Sands O' Life Shall Run.

And Fair Thee Well, My Only Love,
And Fair Thee Well A While!
And I Will Come Again My Love,
Thou' It Were Ten Thousand Mile.

- Robert Burns
"The Path To Hell Is Paved, With Little Boys And Razor Blades."
- Carry-Lyn

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