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Jun 11, 2011


I saw my beautiful friend and we shared wine and appetizers and we TALKED! It was amazing and I treasure him..... some people are forever, they are special gifts that we acknowledge and appreciate. When you are full in your heart, everything else is a bonus. goodnight friends.


I see this woman as the bird who once lived in the cage. She was confined by her environment, captured and contained. After years and months and weeks and days, she comes to understand that she is only in this position, perched on a metal bar in a metal cage, eating food that is prepared for her and chosen by her master because she chose to be captured. There was no fight, no resistance, no rebuttal because she willingly went. She felt (quite foolishly) that perhaps living in the wild wasn't as fulfilling as becoming a domestic and submissive creature. Over time she missed the open air. She missed soaring and fending for herself, she missed everything she had ever known about herself. She wanted desperately to belong somewhere and to some one, however doing what she wanted when she pleased was a luxury that satisfied her..... Magically and all at once she understood very clearly that it was over when she wished it to be. Although she knew he would miss her as she had gravely missed a part of herself, she carefully and strategically unhinged the latch to the cage and let herself free.... the E N D


This pic is one I got off of one of ER's fans on twitter. It was super fab and I couldn't help but post! If you follow me on twitter then you have already seen this... my apologies!