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Sep 19, 2013

Three Feet From Gold is what I am currently reading. It is inspirational and forward thinking. I am reading this because I am about to embark on a new chapter of my life. I am relocation, starting up a new company, finishing some writing projects, and there is so much more. In moments of transition like this I think it is important (through some of the chaos) to focus your energy, and although it may seem like reading is taking away from those projects, it actually isn't. Reading (and reading this book in particular) is helping my mind to rest from the hurricane of thoughts I am constantly having, and helps me to focus my energy on something compelling, and intriguing. I am able to refocus and I feel clarity when I go to tackle my own projects.

Three Feet From Gold is about persevering and staying focus and diligent in regards to your passions and talents. It is about staying at it, and not quitting "three feet from gold" It is most fitting for this time in my life.

Apr 19, 2013

the saddest thing in the world is 

to watch a most unique, exotic,

 fragrant, and divine creature wilt 

and decay from the intoxication, 

and addiction to another being whose goodness is utterly imaginary....               

Apr 14, 2013

"Behold.... the only thing Greater than yourself"...

 My beautiful child

“He looked at her as a man looks at a faded flower he has gathered, with difficulty recognizing in it the beauty for which he picked and ruined it. And in spite of this he felt that then, when his love was stronger, he could, if he had greatly wished it, have torn that love out of his heart; but now when as at that moment it seemed to him he felt no love for her, he knew that what bound him to her could not be broken.” 

- Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

Christine Centenera

My New Obsession...

Jan 15, 2013

Rihanna dares to costar with Kate the GREAT.... and succeeds!!

Jan 11, 2013

i die


Regarding all types of relationships: I think that if one can be sensitive and insightful enough to set their own boundaries, they will cease to rely on other people setting boundaries for them...