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Jul 29, 2010


Sometimes I feel like eating ketchup chips......

But they don't sell them in America :(

Happy Bday Roberto Cavalli!!

Isn't Gisele Fab Boots!!!???

LOL!! coat hangers much?

Balenciaga's Shoe

Darlings, we all know fashion is an artform, right? Sure we do. But Balenciaga’s gives the trope a whole new meaning. Chic is obsessed with the geometrically designed heels and platforms. Lace-up or moccasin-style, they're guaranteed to turn heads from SoHo to Milano. How can you say no?



Jul 26, 2010


Coke Burn Ride

Really fab! Eco Friendly Faucets by ST - Shark Faucet

Blending eco and esthetics, this new eco friendly faucet by Italian bathroom brand ST Rubinetterie truly has it all. The Shark faucet designed by Simone Micheli will satisfy your style and eco-sustainability cravings. Like its namesake, the Shark faucet features a smooth, streamlined look that will instantly modernize your bathrooms. Minimalist in its mold, this faucet is simple, but not simplistic. Easy to operate features displayed on the faucet’s one-piece spout adds convenience to comfort. Check out the eco-friendly and stylish Shark faucet, by ST Rubinetterie.

Thank you -

I have to say....

This video is well styled and directed combined with a steller performance by Beyonce. Even the quality of the film is "proper". I find this entire video well done and I have to say that I really really am impressed by Beyonce in this. Once must give credit where credit is due. Bravo B

Electrik Red Preforms @Conga Room

Jul 17, 2010


Louis Vuitton Store renovation sign! Great!.... this was a while ago, not sure if it is still up...