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Feb 21, 2011

Feb 17, 2011



Sooooo it was my birthday earlier this month. February 3rd! And I had a lovely little get together with close friends and family! It was amazing.

I have to say that in turning a year older I feel a tremendous amount of personal power..... It has a great deal to do with confidence, but its greater than confidence. It feels as though when you get older (altho you dread and even repel the process) you become more of who you really are. You mature: trivial things that happen don't receive your full attention because you no longer have the energy for things that don't service you. Friends that you love and hold dear become more and more (if possible) like family, and you spend less time doing the things that you hate or that make you feel uncomfortable. Your voice becomes bigger "I WANT" I DON'T WANT" "I FEEL" "I NEED" etc. You own EVERY part of yourself in a way that you didn't 5 or even 1 year ago!
Sex is better, Food tastes better, Children are more beautiful, you laugh harder and cry more often, you're more understanding than you ever thought you could be. and you even follow through more than you ever have before.

The pic I posted is EXACTLY the way I feel about myself This Year, Right Now :D