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Aug 31, 2011

I KNEW NOW WHAT I HAD SO MUCH WANTED TO KNOW. The face of Frederic while he made love to Francoise and the voice of Frederic in the night with Francoise. I knew how he caressed her and I knew how he was with her. I knew it was different from the way Frederic was with me. I knew that he still desired Francoise and I knew that he loved me. And so, I could let him go free; I could give Francoise back to him if he wanted her, and yet I would know that I was not rejected and excluded by him. should he not be happy now that he had all he wanted? Wasn't this the only thing to do? And when his desire for Francoise would begin to wear itself out, wouldn't I have my Frederic again to myself entirely to myself?
     Both of them loved me; it was again as in my childhood. I was there between them, petted, caressed. They didn't in any way resent my being there. I didn't separate then; they had nothing to give up because of me. And in return they covered me with caresses and kisses. Why was it that the hand of Francoise continuously came back to seek me as thought to reassure me that everything was well, that Frederic loved only me. That everything else was only physical?
    I kept telling myself that I did not need or want to be reassured by her. That I knew perfectly well everything was fine. That I didn't have any fear of Francoise. She shouldn't have to worry so much about me; Frederic was there; his mouth was on my mouth. Francoise didn't look at me as though she were afraid of hurting me because really, I was happy. The body of Francoise had a troubling scent, a penetrating scent that pleased me, and the mouth of Francoise-it wasn't the mouth of Frederic-it was so soft, the mouth of a woman. It was like strawberries, like honey.
    Frederic-I knew his well. There was nothing more for me to discover in him. Frederc-that was the black pelt in which I hid my face. It was the strong, hard arm that encircled me and hurt. There was the voice of Frederic in my ear, with words that I hardly understood, crushed, crushed as I was against him....
    And I roll in the night of the bed; I roll in their arms, in their caresses. I roll in the midst of lighted candles and Armagnac in crystal glasses. I roll in a sea whose waves lift me up and will drown me.
    But wasn't Frederic there to save me? I was going to drown! Fredrick! But he was far, so far from me. Frederic! Help me! Help me! Where was Frederic whose thigh was against my thigh? Where was Frederic whose arms encircled my body? Where was Frederic whose mouth was pressed against my mouth?
    I hide my face in the black pelt of his chest. This was, if he comes back he will not see me weeping.

 - The Dangerous Games

Aug 24, 2011

cool pools


Los Angeles 


 New York

Yahoo just did a feature (Today) on cool (and even award winning) pools across the country. I was impressed and so I have stolen pics of my favorites! Impressive and tastefully done.

Aug 20, 2011


Aug 15, 2011

TUTORIAL #2 "How To Look Effortless Walking In Really High Shoes"

First of all, it matters not in the slightest to me who you are and what you do but EVERY woman should own a pair of shoes that is so HIGH she is always a tiny bit nervous to wear them! Although High High heels (stilettos) are a bit intimidating, they are also essential as there is always going to be an occasion that calls for you to wear them. Always. I have listed my tips on How To Look Effortless Walking In Really High Shoes. Appear as though you were born with stilettos glued to your feet at birth.

1. PRACTICE - In the event that you were not born with a divine arch in your foot, and presuming you are not a trained dancer or gymnast, you MUST practice wearing tall shoes. (And God help you if you were born with terribly flat feet!) If you don't have any, PURCHASE SOME or use a friend's until you can. When sliding your well manicured foot into the stiletto, really look at the shape of the shoe. Where are its strengths and weaknesses (in other words: where is the support? Are there straps around the base of the foot or are there straps at the ankles? Are there straps at all?) Observe how the exquisite thing is crafted. The trick (and here is the part where you need to pay attention) is balance. Keep the weight of your body on the ball of your foot, more specifically your focus is over your big toe. This ensures that you won't go timbering over from side to side when you walk. This also ensures that you don't walk leaning back on the sliver of a heel provided by the fabulous shoe maker. You must walk and even run up and down, squat and lunge, kick and climb in these things until you no longer have to look down and worry about your balance. When you have achieved this (congratulations) you are ready for a test run...

2. TRY THEM OUT - Once your comfort and balance has been mastered with a particular pair of stilettos... Try Them Out!! I would suggest you slap them on for a dinner party where a great deal of walking will not be required. The movies may also be a good choice seeing as walking is also limited for this activity. For your first Test Run, you want to make sure that you give yourself the opportunity to strut in these fantastically tall shoes without spending hours on your feet.

3. CHOOSE THE RIGHT OUTFIT - There is no point of wearing a remarkable pair of tall stilettos if you are going to over shadow them with a ridiculously over the top outfit! Have you ever heard of the phrase "less is more"? Well its accurate. In the event that you have a jaw dropping, eye watering, and outstanding pair of tall shoes let them get all the glory. I once sat next to Victoria Beckham and family court side at a LA Lakers game and Victoria was wearing these amazing Christian Louboutins stilettos with .... (wait for it).... skinny jeans and a white tank top. That was IT! That's a woman who knows when to let the shoes have the glory. If you are wearing a fab over the top, jaw dropping, eye watering, and outstanding outfit then wear tall stilettos that compliment the ensembles (not ones that pull attention away from it).

4. CONFIDENCE - If you are bold enough to employ the use of tall shoes and I'm speaking of 4 inches or higher, then you had better "own" them! Behave as though you have been wearing these types of shoes your entire existence! The shoes are not wear you my dear friend, it is YOU that are wearing these Really High Shoes! Head up, shoulders back, legs elongated when you step, smile beaming and of course NEVER LOOK DOWN. EVER (not that you'd need to because after all you are now a professional .... this is THE ONLY WAY to do it I'm afraid. 

Aug 12, 2011

God bless DEAR SUGAR

My favorite advice column. Please click on the title of this post "DEAR SUGAR" to read for column. Thanx

Couture Chanel 2011

I often glaze over certain fashion blogs and check out whats new and also what I've missed. Something about well tailored clothes and brilliant fabrics is alluring to me. I find myself looking at clothes that I could only dream of wearing... if only to a dinner party one evening, or even to the grocery really wouldn't matter. Anyway, if you like my picks then feel free to click on the title of this post and check out the entire collection. And READ the article by JESSICA BUMPUS

Aug 10, 2011

WOW I'm at 23,000 views for my blog! Thanks friends! And thank you google and Twitter!
Also hello to my new friends in Chile, Netherlands, India, and Malaysia! According to my "audience count" - you kids have been active viewers x


Aug 7, 2011

TUTORIAL #1 - "How To Get Along With Women You Don't Care For"

Hello There! Good first topic to start off my new "Tutorials" Category if I don't say so myself. But seriously, we as people (especially women) often find ourselves in circumstances where we are forced to "mix" with other women we DON'T LIKE and one can become a bit wearisome when ill equipped. Soooo How To Get Along With Woman You Don't Care For:

1. YOUR OUTFIT - As sad and as superficial as it is, when you are anticipating existing in the company of those you dislike you must LOOK YOUR BEST. Chances are that more than 6 times out of 10 the ones you don't particularly care for also do not particularly care for you. It is important to be "armored" in attire that makes you feel amazing. Just as you are picking them apart and shredding them to pieces, they are also going to be doing the same to you. Pay attention to YOUR details; make up, shoes, accessories, nails

2. YOUR DISPOSITION - No matter the level of discomfort you may be experiencing, tap into your greatest resource; yourself! If you have the luxury of being in the company of some (even one) of your friends it is important to enjoy them!! Have a nice time even if it kills you. Remain independent of the energy of the one you dislike. There is no point of looking amazing and then miserably glancing over constantly at the one you dread. In the event that you have to speak and be communal with one another it is best advised to keep a cheerful disposition. Be sunny and sweet! You automatically lose the upper hand if you fall from grace and allow her to be the sweet, and gracious one. Which leads me to...

3. CONVERSATION - Sometimes you have to speak to these loathsome creatures if for no other reason then to be polite. Maybe you have friends in common or perhaps you have to work together, regardless it is important to bankrupt them of their ability to strike you with a look, a comment, or even their energy. Best way to maneuver in an uncomfortable circumstance is to compliment this person and be your interesting, comfortable self. Do not lose sight of the fact that you are in complete control of how the circumstance will play out between the two of you. All that is required is for you to regard her as a friend (even if its a lie), you must make yourself comfortable and the simplest way to do so is to make her someone you can be comfortable around!

4. WATCH THE TIME - There is absolutely no need for the "moment" between you and this person to be everlasting. Once you have controlled the scene by playing the lead actress in your own personal day time drama, find the EXIT. It could be an "it was nice to see you, you look great" or "have you seen so and so" or even (laughing at your last joke) "I have GOT to go to the bathroom". It doesn't really matter how you exit, just exit before you are stuck "building" a relationship you may not desire with the undesirable. Keep it short and keep it cute... who knows.. you may even enjoy speaking to the little bleeder after all!

5. NEVER LOOK BACK - Once you have been spotted looking and (most importantly) feeling your best, contact has been made and you have successfully created a level of comfort with the undesired and once you have escaped, never look back! Leave it on a high note. Enjoy the rest of the occasion and get on with your life. If by chance you have an impromptu run in, simply SMILE. Leave it at what it was and be happy that this mosquito has fluttered off without so much as landing on you and drawing even a single drop of blood. As a matter of fact, she will either hate you because not she can not help but like you or she will hate you because you are extremely unaffected by her, or she will get over herself and see how fabulous you are and have always been. This all equates to: YOU WIN. Of course you both win if you can get over what ever it is you dislike about each other and become (dare I say it) friends...
Sometimes..... there are simply too many differences...

Aug 1, 2011


Thepossibilities are ENDLESS~~~

Okay so ESSIE is classic for quality nail polishes but these colors are completely necessary for summer! Sometimes ESSIE sells travel packs of a combination of popular seasonal colors! Ever gal should have these in her collection! BUY NOW!

Okay so this is really amazing! Of course the uber creative and amazing Chinese have done it again!!! This is "UV Nail Art Paint" - How fab... although I don't do permanent! - However if I did I would do these!!! 1ounce is $83.90 U.S

And then there is ELECTRIK RED's FAVORITE! GEL NAILS!!! We live for these! Not the Permanent of course but the two to three week guys! They do every kind of color, they NEVER chip and they actually help your nails to grow and they get harder (#ShackAttack). Only $40.00 U.S per apt.