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Oct 27, 2010



First African Baptist Church in Savannah, Georgia

First African Baptist Church was founded by George Leile, the slave of a Baptist church deacon. The church was built by its congregation, made up entirely of slaves who worked on it after completing their daily labor. Completed in 1859, it became part of the Underground Railroad - the "tribal designs" on the wooden floors were actually meant to serve as ventilation for the people housed below (otherwise knows as slaves looking for shelter while they plotted their plan for a "free world."

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Oct 26, 2010


How terribly divine! This truly is art in the form of furniture. Who needs anything else in the room other than these pieces and possibly an area rug?
Tres Chic! Sicis Next Art, a collection that breaks the boundaries between art and function. designer - Carla Tolomeo created this exotic, limited addition of chairs and settees encrusted with Sicis mosiac. She interprets furniture in a surreal way transforming nature into a chair... A roses petals become pillows on a settee. How genius. As always.... I want one.



Rick Owens - Paris Spring 2011

Who says "you can't wear white after labor day?"

BEyond!! "Glamour Supreme"

OK! OK! OK!!!!!!! Anna Dello Russo is the amazing creature who styled this cover! Clothes by Alessandra Ambrosio. Every FuckinBitch should have this exact outfit in their closet! Go BIG or Go HOME girls!!!

Gorgeous Sweaters

PRINGLE OF SCOTLAND x RYAN MCGINLEY - these two talented men, MCGINLEY being a photographer who teamed up with PRINGLE to create fabulous cardigan and sweaters in cashmere. These items are part of the cashmere project "195 Collaborations," an effort on behalf of PRINGLE and the Serpentine Gallery to promote Scottish talent in the arts.

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Yes I'm knockin That Down!

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Oct 20, 2010

Cool!!!Artist creates dress sculptures in all 50 states!!

New York Garbage Dress
Wyoming's Willow Dress
Minnesota's Corn Dress
Wisconsin's White Pine Dress

Oct 16, 2010

THIS BOOK SUCKS! -The Happiness Project

Sooooooo by the title and the first page of this book I thought it was going to be pretty good, or at least half decent... however.... it SUCKS! I couldn't even get past the 1st chapter.
These types of books are meant to be a combination of inspirational and a documentary of one's complication, leading to the uncomplicated revelation. This novel was extremely technical. I felt as though the author was this neurotic perfectionist who couldn't even authentically be open enough to experience the natural process of "letting go" and being "happy". It was hard to get into this book and cultivate my own "happy feelings" because the author swept me up in her constant need to dissect everything she was think as she was thinking it. As if there is a technical way to becoming "happier". She made "the happiness project" more about statistics, science, self indulgence and over analysis rather than about the simple things being happy truly encompasses. This woman Gretchen Rubin would have been better off purchasing Deepak Chopra's "Happiness" (listening) tapes as she cleaned her closets and sang in the morning.
How can you set out to simplify, all the while making EVERYTHING extremely complicated.
I felt that this woman lives in her head too much to relax and find her center.
Happiness for her was like a college course she was trying to take. I felt like I was reading a bunch of intellectual psycho mumbo jumbo.

Happiness is like love: Very simple. Its everything thing else you allow yourself to believe that matters, that complicates everything.

Do NOT buy this book. Its a waste.

This Bitch Rocks!!!

My Favorite Gnarles Barkley Record


Recoving Undercover Overlover

Good Cover

Lykke Li -Little Bit

"And for you I keep my legs apart and forget about my tainted heart...."