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Oct 24, 2009

Alexander? Will You Marry Me?

... It goes beyond fashion, its sheer GENIUS!

fyi I'M...

:D ... and its great!


I Just wanna say THANK YOU to all that attended ELECTRIK RED's Pace University show! It was amazing and we TOTALLY appreciated you! This photography above is what I am doing with this post... giving you all a cuddle.

SKANK ROBBERS! - can't wait for this!!!!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Martin Lawrence and Jamie Foxx is AMAZING. This should be good!

Oct 21, 2009


HAAAAAAA!!! Gosh I love him. haven't looked at this in months.. enjoy


Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Chris Crocker... if you haven't already

Oct 19, 2009

ANNA KARENINA by Leo Tolstoy

I am currently reading ANNA KARENINA by LEO TOLSTOY. It is a famous love story. A classic literary novel by a famous Russian writer. My favorite Russian writer would have to be Vladimir Nabokov.. because of LOLITA of course. I think that although I read Lolita years ago, it still remains as my Favorite Love story.. I think it may always be my favorite love story. Gosh that book moved me. Such a well written work of art. I have great hopes for this novel by Tolstoy.. it is 700 + pages and I have only just scratched the surface, but I am very excited!

Out of my element

So My hair is straight and not only do I feel like a F@#%IN B@*!H (like major alter-ego) but I find it to be sooo much work! Seems like a stupid thing to write about but I gotta tell ya... me no likey. The longest I've lasted like this is maybe a lil over a week!! This time it was 3whole days LOL.

Oct 16, 2009

in the words of Electrik Red...


Beautiful Murals

When's the last time you walked past a massive wall or ceiling that was decorated with a fabulous piece of art?

Oct 13, 2009


When I get lonely I think:
So be lonely
Learn your way around loneliness
Make a map of it,
For once in your life.
Welcome to the human experience
But never again use another persons
Body or emotions
As a scratching post for your own
Unfulfilled yearnings

- Elizabeth Gilbert

yep this is my favorite version..

Dying to know your comments

Oct 12, 2009

Yes and her name Is COCO CHANEL

And No, one image was certainly Not Enough. How facinating is anyone that goes against the grain? Most geniuses are. Yes, I saw the film and although I would like to consider myself extremely thoughtful when it comes to my attire, I am not nearly as thoughtful as this woman. What an inspiration!! There are many of us that express ourselfves in different ways, with music, dance, film, visual art, make up, the way we wear our hair, our choice of shoes... this woman was interesting, unusual and unique, she was also an artist. Her expression was in what she wore. In how she dressed herself, she inspired women both famous and common.
No, I am NO Coco Chanel, but Yes, before I leave the house I am absolutely paying a little more attention than usual to what garments I wrap around my carcass.

Electrik Red Stills


My electrik Red Feeling today is...

Yes its bizarre but... its creative.

A Few Important Words

2nights ago I spent some time hanging out with my girlfriends.. well we were fast at work steady on the task at first and then we evolved into having a good social time. Laughing and jokings and watching shit television, and literally just enjoying our time together - very simply. Although I have several different friends and I always find time to "cut loose," or just relax, I have to say that it was really rejuvenating this time in particular. I can't stress enough how much blance means. I found this amaing picture in my iphoto collection and what I LOVE about it, is that my friend in it. She is the hot red head on the left called Kim... with her girlfriend, having a blast. I felt that way the other night minus the cigarette ;) Had to post it.
With your time, make the time to do what feels great to you... no matter how simple... Just a few important words.

Oct 11, 2009



Canadian Thanksgiving is Today

Canadian Thanksgiving does not celebrate the pilgrims in any way! In fact, it’s origin is traced back to 1576, where the English Explorer Martin Frobisher failed to find a northern passage to the Orient. Instead, he landed near Greenland and mistakingly mistook the Inuits that greeted him for Asians. Martin Froshiber held a celebration in Newfoundland to give thanks for a safe journey and for an abundant supply of food. This was the first Canadian Thanksgiving. Historians argue whether the date was in 1576 or 1578, but whatever… you get the gist of it.

So you’re probably asking yourself, “if Canadian and American thanksgiving are unrelated, why do they share the same customs?”. The reason is that during the American Revolution, Americans who were still loyal to England (fled) moved to Canada. Along with their “move”, they brought along their American thanksgiving customs and practices. Thank god, because I really like pumpkin pie!

The actual day that Thanksgiving was celebrated changed quite a bit throughout history, but it wasn’t until 1957 that Canadian Parliament officially declared that Thanksgiving was to be celebrated on the second monday in October.


Oct 10, 2009

Art & Music

NinjasoniK "Hold The Line"

My electrik Red Feeling today is...

I wish to be dressed like her


Sunland Baobab 2,000 years old; Lompopo, South Africa (Huge!)
Clona Quaking Aspens 80,000 years old; Fish Lake, UT (Incredibly old!)
Jomon Sugi Japanese Cedar 7,000 years old; Yaku Shima, Japan (look at those roots!)

Many of them are trees, which actually makes a great deal of sense. I was really facinated with Rachel's work and I decided to blog it.
This post was researched at and I appreciate the article that was written about her work at



I could listen to this ALL DAY.

Sliimy "WAKE UP" - French Artist



Aversion of this is what I look like when I wake up!
Now look at the perfection of this!

In The Mornings..

I can't seem to sleep long enough....

Oct 8, 2009

Ohh La La

I LIIIIVVVVEEEEEE ... maybe if I'm a REALLY good Girl I might be able to get them????

Blurry Vision..

We were on two major tours this year, Ne-Yo and Lil Wayne.. this is the only front of the house pic we have of all four of us! Its blurry, but still great. That was a great day. We did radio in the morning and then here we were running through the rows on our way up to one of the boxes for an interview.. ha I think we were even being yelled at by our manager during the snapping of this picture!!

I Remember Recording, Before I Was Recording ;)

Electrik Red is in the studio recording... as I write this.
When I was younger I remember recording my favorite songs off the radio with a tape. I would push "record" and then "pause" before and afer every song I wanted. At the end of a whole day I would have fogotten some of what I recorded and it would be a surprise..