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Oct 18, 2015


Here's to you, 
My Soul Mate and Dearest Companion

Because it is true

And it is true.... because there is a lot that is cool about being a boy.
I realized this better when I started raising one.
Girls Rock, 
but boys are also pretty special.
All the coolest girls have a bit of boy energy in them,
and it's about time someone said so.

Even if no one else smiles at you.. the sky will x

I've Missed you...

and I love you always..

I'm finishing up the book I have written and can't wait to share!!

Feb 7, 2015

I don't know what I want to talk about... just that I want to talk, and share, and be. Here... with you today. 
I think that life gets richer and then even richer still. It can be stagnant and then still. 
But it continues on somehow. Constantly. Weaving energy in and out of the choices you are making moment to moment. 
It breathes with you; inhaling and exhaling as you do. And it laughs with you... whenever you are laughing, and sometimes when you are not. I don't believe that life has been cruel to me. It has only been consistent. With every place I am in my life, it unfolds as I have... when it isn't unfolding, it is because I am not either.....
I have moments I wish I could relive with people I will never spent time with again.
I have much to create with people I will no doubt be connected to for years to come.
All that I feel is beautiful is still within me.  
I try to remember that the thoughts I am generating have a direct effect on my happiness and what happens to me. 
Life seems to give you what you need, over what you want... If you are lucky, you get both..