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Jul 6, 2011

Some Thoughts..

Happiness is this illusive thing that appears and re appears in ones life a multitude of times. Like a shadow; it is there and identified one minute and then gone the next. Like the way a cloud moves across the sky and changes form.. some times more visible and sometimes not. Maintaining the feeling or experience of happiness is meant to derive out of simplicity, but often times we come to believe that a certain person, place or thing will be the source of our happiness. If we can have or obtain that "thing" we will feel that euphoric feeling "Happiness" even if only for a little while.... only in the stillness and surrender or "wants" or "ego" do we come to understand what it is that we need.. which tends to not be very much. "Happiness" is always accurately calculated when one considers how they look at themselves, how they feel about themselves-naked in the stillness, without possessions and with no one to anchor themselves onto.

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  1. Take us to chuuuuuuuch then Pastor Allen! Gone n preach n tell us how its SUPPOSED to be, cause ALOT of ppl cant latch on to this concept of the TRUE meaning of happiness...Im SO diggn that...that's some food for ya thoughts!! World domination...NAOMI style!!