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Aug 7, 2012

Fifty Shades Of Grey... Or Not?

Ok soooo I downloaded IBooks from AppWorld on my Iphone, caved and "purchased" Fify Shades Of Grey, as my curiosity got the best of me. So many people told me over and over that I needed to "read this book". I am sad to report that unless you read one book a year that is written in the most simple english, you will NOT enjoy this read. I am the sort of person that is a true fan of literature; well written books, by gifted authors. When I have read biographies, I only enjoy them because regardless of the simple writing, I am interested in the person's life I have chosen to read about, and so the writing doesn't have to be all that good, as the story usually is quite entertaining.
Fifty Shades Of Grey on IBooks offers your a sample read where you can read several pages (maybe two or three chapters) for free before deciding to purchase the book. After burning through the sample I was allotted, I found the main character "Anastacia Steele" to be disappointingly common and boring a part from a few sarcastic moments with Grey, where she (quite out of character) becomes confident and interesting. The Grey character was unbelievably typical with his constant referring to Anastacia as "Miss Steele", and of course this brews a reacting of excitement and distress (again typical). I am happy that after a few short chapters I was able to spare myself from making the terrible mistake of wasting $9.99. Of course had I read on to the point of these two characters having their first (of several) sexual encounter there is a chance I may have been sucked in for the shear excitement of a good erotic read, but after what I read in the first few chapters I doubt it would have been even remotely satisfying.

My opinion (and you are welcome to yours) regarding Fifty Shades Of Grey is to SKIP IT! Twizz

IF you wish to read a decent love story try Vladmir Nabokov's "Lolita" or "Dangerous Games" by Tereska Torres which are two of the most emotionally intense books I have ever read.


  1. You are so on point with this review of the book. I actually read up to 10 chapters I think. I friend let me borrow it and I was highly disappointed. The book was over exxagerated by the media, friends, and family and just fell short for me.

  2. It's for illiterate ppl in my opinion.