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Dec 3, 2012


Today I woke up with a thought;
what if,
what if it were all a little bit easier.
What if I obtained the things I am
 working towards?
What then might I want next...
and then what would I want after that?
It all seems like this vortex of continuance; 
we're always trying to get there.
But there is no there, there. 
Is there?
One achievement begets the next 
which begets the next. 
It never ends and so
when you set out to do something 
you will have a long list of achievements 
if you can just get through to 
completing that first one....
It will snowball from there
until you MUST reach every goal 
you have ever set for yourself;
until you are ALL that you 
ever imagined yourself to be...

1 comment:

  1. great read! i feel this way all the time but then i wonder am i appreciating what i have now if im always wanting more or working on the next goal after the next goal....hmmmm i like your writing skills....i like to read things that make you think :)

    keep them coming hun :)