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Jan 1, 2010


1. Eat more cheese
2. Have "who can watch the MOST tv" marathons with dear friends
3. Drink lots of coffee
4. Start eating cheetos and doritos again
5. Pack on at least 5-10 more pounds
6. Take up Crystal Meth
7. Never Return people's phone calls
8. Have farting and burping contest with strangers
9. Definitely more farting and burping contests
10. Read all of Danielle Steels novels
11. Frequent as many strip cubs as possible and the talented ladies ALL my COINS
12. Try to wear my house slippers EVERYWHERE
13. Impatience... more impatience
14. Never again frequent a gym/nail salon/dentist/or doctor
15. Spend more time AWAY from family and friends


  1. Im behind ya 100% lol ...ur a mess Naomi :)

  2. How fun are you...I'm so supporting resolutions 7,8,9,& 13 Happy New Year Naomi:D

  3. so your gonna do the opposite of all these resolutions i suppose lol. only you naomi! gotta love you for your silly side :)