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Mar 8, 2010

February 26th!

Okay I keep getting asked to blog about it so here we go.... on February 26th I started out having a regular kindda day.
I woke up and did what I regularly do. It's my friend Lisa Marie's bday so of course I hit her and said happy Bday. That
night I was making dinner for my boyfriend (the usual)... he had been on his way homefrom visiting his family and they
live far from us so I knew that he was fighting traffic. When he walked into the door I
handed him a glass of wine. Dinner was ready so I set the table and we sat down to eat and he asked me to marry him
... not flat out, of course he did it in the most amazing romantic and lovely way (which I won't expose because its uber
personal). I was over the moon and I LOVE my gorgeous and extremely SERIOUS ring, not because it is HUGE but
because HE chose it for ME....
Sure is a HUGE difference from my Valentine's Day last year.... if any of you remember that pic ;)
Maybe love doesn't stink so much after all! ;)


  1. Aww *insert happy tears here* how sweet. I couldnt be happier for you! Congrats again love!!xx

  2. I'm a week late, but congrats on the engagement!!!