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Mar 29, 2010

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Lord Of The Flies: Human Nature, Society, Fear

- You know its really interesting how there is MANDATORY reading material in school and you find a way to pretty much bullshit through it! I did the "bullshit though it" so many times that I am finding only now that I have this strange and fairly unique desire to actually read the MANDATORY reading material that may have made me smarter a good few years ago!
LORD OF THE FLIES - a novel about young English school boys that have mysteriously crashed on an island and are forced to find their own order, independent of "grown ups", until they can be rescued. Okay Okay I know! - Sounds horribly boring or even (simply and understandably) not worth taking time away from Ru Paul's Drag Race, but I find these sorts of things interesting... Now!!! LOL
Maybe you too might pick it up for a quick read? It may even make you smarter... Come' On its only 182pages!! ;)


  1. lord of the flies was a book we read in school but like you i didnt pay attention at all to the meaning behind the book itself. now the movie gave me a more in depth look at how life was for the boys. i cant imagine trying to survive on an island where almost nothing we are normally used to exists, amongst people you probably dont even care about like that anyway. but it forces you to put all of that aside to attempt to survive. - maybe i am taking too much from my school days lol.

  2. I googled the information on every "Mandatory" read *sweet smile* ... I think the only books I actually read were Hamlet and The stranger- but that's only because my teacher was psycho and made us annotate both books entirely. They did however, become 2 of my favorite books. I definitely do not read enough though :/ unless Cosmo, Glamour, and Us weekly okay.