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Nov 30, 2011

i overheard him say to her "you know I've always been in love with you right?"

she laughed, "but you're married and you have like six kids"

"no but seriously" he continues ignoring her, "i really feel like you are incredible. your guys is lucky to have you. i've always loved you, you know that"

"yes I know. stop it, you are one of my good friends..."

he cuts her off, "yeah but i still love you... anyway i got a meeting at 1pm so we gotta go... i'd love to see you later tho if i can"

she smiles politely and says "lets go"

i'm not sure if she saw him later that night or not but as i listened i wondered how many other conversations where taking place in los angeles just like this one... then i wondered whether or not the women of these men had any idea that they may be boisterously professing their love for another woman at places as central as starbucks or perhaps over email or text message... or facebook....

 i know several men that are in relationships or even married to remarkable women whom are i'm sure a variety of special things, and yet these men want some one else... or could it be anyone else. what is that restless feeling, and when does it occur in people? when does what you have - all that you have, become inadequate? is there a constant comparison between what you have chosen and what you think you want? 

is it really as simply as; men are hunters and seekers, and women are nurturers and nesters? is a man simply not built to be happy at "home" for the remainder of his years? are women hard wired to accept the restrictions accompanied with the concept of commitment and marriage?

are we all headed for our own versions of the ending of the film revolutionary road?


  1. I think many people go for the person who seems to have it all, that everyone else thinks is perfect for them rather than going with the person they really want to be with no matter how imperfect they may be. We all say we don't care what other people think, but a lot of us really do whether our families don't think our significant others are pretty enough or rich enough to be with us, what really matters is how we feel about each other. But it still isn't right to go behind the person you're committed to's back. They could have had an innocent get together, but hopefully they didn't go over any boundaries. You have to follow yor heart and get those feelings out when you have time, not when you have created new families and whatever else.