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Mar 12, 2014

5 WIVES...

So I have this weird and probably scary interest in these polygamy programs on the TLC Network.
I want to see it work! I want to see something new, that I can believe in. Monogamous relationships are difficult enough and I am constantly curious as to how these people do this… I currently finished the Sister Wives series (via DVR) and I began recording the My Five Wives series. Jesus H Christ is it amazing that in the name of God these women have signed up for a life where they are allotted a small amount of time with their husband AND they get to be a witness to his undeniable physical chemistry with other women. A chemistry that produces more and more and MORE children. Amazing. I actually find the Sister Wives show to be a lot easier to watch because although there are visible jealousies and personality conflicts, at least Sister Wives is a show about a polygamous family that is actually open in communication. These women (for the most part) like and even love each other. The My Five Wives series is utterly depressing, as you see five women with almost no connection to each other, shriveling down into these mute and numb beings who can not communicate with each other  properly, and whom harbor massive resentments towards each other. It is actually really sad. They are all so emotionally repressed and their self esteem is non existent. Their poor husband, whom I quite like, is incredibly empathetic and compassionate to all of these ticking-time-bombs he is responsible for. I don't know that any of them are happily married. Everyone seems to just be coping….
Of course I will watch on, and see what develops, but I honestly don't get any enjoyment out of watching a bunch of unheroic women "sicking out" a marriage that is 80% unfulfilling in the name of something… holy. I don't find it at all inspirational, only educational in that it redefines perhaps what an unsatisfactory lifestyle choice this is for most. Twizz


  1. Is this why Mimi moved to California? I see her paying pics with your son. I would love posts on that dynamic. I believe conventional marriage will eventually be a thing of the past. Marriage all together probably won't be around in 100 years