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Mar 2, 2014

Something interesting happened to me twice this past month. I 

observed two different kinds of people who made me think about 

my own life differently. I felt great perspective after observing 

them for a moment.

The first incident happened two weeks ago at Starbucks in Beverly Hills. A woman came in who appeared to be quite normal in a lovely sundress and flat shoes. She looked as though she was holding a camera in her right hand and she was talking to herself. I thought for sure she was on the phone. She was laughing while she was talking and it all seemed quite cheerful. She stood in line for a few moments but didn't order anything and then she turned around still talking to herself and left. She was clearly a bit mental but I thought that she was lovely. Imagine living in your own bubble,  Where everything is really cheerful and nice. I was envious of her.

Just this morning when I was pumping gas in the valley, a man asked me for change which isn't abnormal for that part of town, but he said something that is still on my mind and in my heart. He said "May I please have some change" and before I could even answer he said "it's okay I'm not like them I'm  different from them." Very carefully and with compassion I said "okay." When I drove off it occurred to me that no one who ends up homeless feels like they are like "The rest of them". I'm sure that anyone who had to endure Those circumstances would be quite estranged from the experience. It's that wonderful gift we humans have where we can be in a depressive circumstance and only see optimism; Only see our demise as temporary and never permanent. 

The repeated truth between these two incidences was that the world is truly the way you see it. Your life is a reflection of your thoughts. The woman didn't want any part of the world she was living in, And the man wanted so desperately to be validated by it; He wanted to be seen.

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