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Oct 26, 2009

How I feel right now...


  1. aawwee im sorry!! will b worth it all n the end tho, u kno that of all ppl!! now im feeln like that cause my baby gurl is! lets ride this storm out 2gethr thn! seriously, u gyrls r grindn 4 the american dream n made it, cant say that 4 alot of ppl! alot of us r wishn tht we cud b where yall r 2day! yall put alot of elbow grease n2 ER, now look at you, ON POINT n SUCCESSFUL!!!!! ER is going 2 go platinum, even if I hafta buy ALL of ur cds!

  2. i couldnt sit through this vid lol & i actually like another song by him i just dont remember the name. that lip thing he kept doing was over the top haha.