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Oct 12, 2009

A Few Important Words

2nights ago I spent some time hanging out with my girlfriends.. well we were fast at work steady on the task at first and then we evolved into having a good social time. Laughing and jokings and watching shit television, and literally just enjoying our time together - very simply. Although I have several different friends and I always find time to "cut loose," or just relax, I have to say that it was really rejuvenating this time in particular. I can't stress enough how much blance means. I found this amaing picture in my iphoto collection and what I LOVE about it, is that my friend in it. She is the hot red head on the left called Kim... with her girlfriend, having a blast. I felt that way the other night minus the cigarette ;) Had to post it.
With your time, make the time to do what feels great to you... no matter how simple... Just a few important words.


  1. i feel you on that! can i ask YOU a question? you say you dont know where "the dream" draws his energy from, where do YOU draw yours from? you are a very unique and 1 in a lifetime woman! guess thts y ur my fav out of the group. n the words of binky frm 1 of ur intrvws, naomi is "fuccn fantabulous"!!!!!

  2. having balance in life is very necessary - its what separates work & personal time. the simplicity in life is what most tend to overshadow. enjoy what you do & love life while you live it.