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Oct 13, 2009


When I get lonely I think:
So be lonely
Learn your way around loneliness
Make a map of it,
For once in your life.
Welcome to the human experience
But never again use another persons
Body or emotions
As a scratching post for your own
Unfulfilled yearnings

- Elizabeth Gilbert


  1. i am definitely learning my way around it. the thing with it is this - an added person with their mixture of emotions cant fulfill the void even if you tried to substitute them so what i am doing is trying to find my happiness first. thats my starting point.

  2. Being lonely is how I would find myself in an unfulfilling situation.I can't allow myself to be a slave to my emotions.

    True Thought: If I am not happy with myself how can I make some else happy. If I can't stand alone how can I ask someone to stand by me. Remember the world is full of the selfless and the selfish, my problem is recognizing the difference so i want be used or use someone...

    Thanks for the Fuel for my Mind-Tank!