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Oct 12, 2009

Yes and her name Is COCO CHANEL

And No, one image was certainly Not Enough. How facinating is anyone that goes against the grain? Most geniuses are. Yes, I saw the film and although I would like to consider myself extremely thoughtful when it comes to my attire, I am not nearly as thoughtful as this woman. What an inspiration!! There are many of us that express ourselfves in different ways, with music, dance, film, visual art, make up, the way we wear our hair, our choice of shoes... this woman was interesting, unusual and unique, she was also an artist. Her expression was in what she wore. In how she dressed herself, she inspired women both famous and common.
No, I am NO Coco Chanel, but Yes, before I leave the house I am absolutely paying a little more attention than usual to what garments I wrap around my carcass.

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  1. I hear she also is the one who made tanning fashionable... a true genious and one hawt b*tch