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Feb 1, 2010

Long time no see

Its been a while since I have written! I am sooooo soooo sorry! First it was xmas vaykay, then I was moving, then it was the Grammys! Now it is Feb 1st (two days before my bday!!) and I am finally sitting down for a moment to address you fine people.
Oh how I have missed writing! I have missed it so much in fact that I have started many mini projects that involve writing. It is important to feed all parts of the soul (shaq attack I know), like for example Electrik Red is the vehicle for most of my creative energy. There are many talents that my group members and I do not have in common. For example, Sarah and Lesley can draw. They are AMAZING visual artists (bet you all didn't know that ;) and Binkie has an eye for fashion as well as being extremely talented when it comes to concepts. This is something that Binkie and I have in common. We like to sit and expand upon ideas and concepts by way of writing. I hope that one day you are all able to see how many extraordinary things the women that make up Electrik Red can do! For now I will continue to blog about the things I find interesting, creative, funny, and inspiring.
Smooches Dolls!


  1. Im ALMOST sure we all DID know that.
    Love you ladies for all your talents. =)

  2. Awww i've missed your blog post...Welcome back! :)

  3. well,well long time no here frm stranga!! (jk) happy bday, hope all ur wishes come true 2day! wish mine wud feb 19 (my bday) 0f meetn my fav gyrl group of all time ELECTRIK RED:( n my fav person n the world(NAOMI)! SSSSSSSIIIIGGGGHHHHH! yall keep doin ur thang n reppin us gyrls n thtll b a good enuff wish 4 me! mayb 1 day yall will b n good ol texas territory n ill get 2 check yall out!! love ya! oh yeah, where n the hell did she find tht sattelite, bet she can see the eye crust on the man on the moon's face!!