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Feb 1, 2010


This is a pic of a painting that I forgot to post from the Will.IAm art exhibit! We decided that it is US ... from left to right: ME, Binkie, Lesley, Sarah - LOL!!!!!!!


  1. (on a funny note)yall look too funky in this pic! ;)specially sarah, is she gone of the coffee n a flask perhaps??

  2. WOOOOOOOOW this is so on point its ridiculous... "ur" facial expression and ass-smackin, "Binkie"s ass, "Lesley" pose off like she at a BK bashment party, and "Sarah" lookin like the lush Im sure she can be at times (and I mean that in the best of ways *wink*)... even the complexions are true to life lol...
    only one negative... u do realize that yall are bein "shot" in the pic, right? :(

  3. so I just did a lil research on the names... after reading and seeing pix, I realize the artist did a damn good job w/the details... interesting to see a few connections btw yall and the goddesses... :)

    Terpsichore - In Greek mythology, Terpsichore ("delight of dancing") was one of the nine Muses, ruling over dance and the dramatic chorus.

    Hathor was an Ancient Egyptian goddess who personified the principles of love, motherhood and joy. She was one of the most important and popular deities throughout the history of Ancient Egypt.

    Macuilxochitl was the god of art, games, beauty, dance, flowers, maize, and song in Aztec mythology.

    Cerridwen represents the crone, which is the darker aspect of the goddess. She has powers of prophecy, and is the keeper of the cauldron of knowledge and inspiration in the Underworld.