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Aug 1, 2011


Thepossibilities are ENDLESS~~~

Okay so ESSIE is classic for quality nail polishes but these colors are completely necessary for summer! Sometimes ESSIE sells travel packs of a combination of popular seasonal colors! Ever gal should have these in her collection! BUY NOW!

Okay so this is really amazing! Of course the uber creative and amazing Chinese have done it again!!! This is "UV Nail Art Paint" - How fab... although I don't do permanent! - However if I did I would do these!!! 1ounce is $83.90 U.S

And then there is ELECTRIK RED's FAVORITE! GEL NAILS!!! We live for these! Not the Permanent of course but the two to three week guys! They do every kind of color, they NEVER chip and they actually help your nails to grow and they get harder (#ShackAttack). Only $40.00 U.S per apt.

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