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Aug 7, 2011

TUTORIAL #1 - "How To Get Along With Women You Don't Care For"

Hello There! Good first topic to start off my new "Tutorials" Category if I don't say so myself. But seriously, we as people (especially women) often find ourselves in circumstances where we are forced to "mix" with other women we DON'T LIKE and one can become a bit wearisome when ill equipped. Soooo How To Get Along With Woman You Don't Care For:

1. YOUR OUTFIT - As sad and as superficial as it is, when you are anticipating existing in the company of those you dislike you must LOOK YOUR BEST. Chances are that more than 6 times out of 10 the ones you don't particularly care for also do not particularly care for you. It is important to be "armored" in attire that makes you feel amazing. Just as you are picking them apart and shredding them to pieces, they are also going to be doing the same to you. Pay attention to YOUR details; make up, shoes, accessories, nails

2. YOUR DISPOSITION - No matter the level of discomfort you may be experiencing, tap into your greatest resource; yourself! If you have the luxury of being in the company of some (even one) of your friends it is important to enjoy them!! Have a nice time even if it kills you. Remain independent of the energy of the one you dislike. There is no point of looking amazing and then miserably glancing over constantly at the one you dread. In the event that you have to speak and be communal with one another it is best advised to keep a cheerful disposition. Be sunny and sweet! You automatically lose the upper hand if you fall from grace and allow her to be the sweet, and gracious one. Which leads me to...

3. CONVERSATION - Sometimes you have to speak to these loathsome creatures if for no other reason then to be polite. Maybe you have friends in common or perhaps you have to work together, regardless it is important to bankrupt them of their ability to strike you with a look, a comment, or even their energy. Best way to maneuver in an uncomfortable circumstance is to compliment this person and be your interesting, comfortable self. Do not lose sight of the fact that you are in complete control of how the circumstance will play out between the two of you. All that is required is for you to regard her as a friend (even if its a lie), you must make yourself comfortable and the simplest way to do so is to make her someone you can be comfortable around!

4. WATCH THE TIME - There is absolutely no need for the "moment" between you and this person to be everlasting. Once you have controlled the scene by playing the lead actress in your own personal day time drama, find the EXIT. It could be an "it was nice to see you, you look great" or "have you seen so and so" or even (laughing at your last joke) "I have GOT to go to the bathroom". It doesn't really matter how you exit, just exit before you are stuck "building" a relationship you may not desire with the undesirable. Keep it short and keep it cute... who knows.. you may even enjoy speaking to the little bleeder after all!

5. NEVER LOOK BACK - Once you have been spotted looking and (most importantly) feeling your best, contact has been made and you have successfully created a level of comfort with the undesired and once you have escaped, never look back! Leave it on a high note. Enjoy the rest of the occasion and get on with your life. If by chance you have an impromptu run in, simply SMILE. Leave it at what it was and be happy that this mosquito has fluttered off without so much as landing on you and drawing even a single drop of blood. As a matter of fact, she will either hate you because not she can not help but like you or she will hate you because you are extremely unaffected by her, or she will get over herself and see how fabulous you are and have always been. This all equates to: YOU WIN. Of course you both win if you can get over what ever it is you dislike about each other and become (dare I say it) friends...


  1. I loved this! Very well written. I need to take notes.

  2. True lessons on "How to be a Lady"...teheheheeeeeee! Had 2 throw that in there. WOW...(woman of wonder) sure you don't have a degree in philosophy?? You can teach, as well as preach. Definitely gonna use this in my next encounter with that "mosquito" that ODCTNLB checklist...BOOM...right chere in my purse.