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Aug 15, 2011

TUTORIAL #2 "How To Look Effortless Walking In Really High Shoes"

First of all, it matters not in the slightest to me who you are and what you do but EVERY woman should own a pair of shoes that is so HIGH she is always a tiny bit nervous to wear them! Although High High heels (stilettos) are a bit intimidating, they are also essential as there is always going to be an occasion that calls for you to wear them. Always. I have listed my tips on How To Look Effortless Walking In Really High Shoes. Appear as though you were born with stilettos glued to your feet at birth.

1. PRACTICE - In the event that you were not born with a divine arch in your foot, and presuming you are not a trained dancer or gymnast, you MUST practice wearing tall shoes. (And God help you if you were born with terribly flat feet!) If you don't have any, PURCHASE SOME or use a friend's until you can. When sliding your well manicured foot into the stiletto, really look at the shape of the shoe. Where are its strengths and weaknesses (in other words: where is the support? Are there straps around the base of the foot or are there straps at the ankles? Are there straps at all?) Observe how the exquisite thing is crafted. The trick (and here is the part where you need to pay attention) is balance. Keep the weight of your body on the ball of your foot, more specifically your focus is over your big toe. This ensures that you won't go timbering over from side to side when you walk. This also ensures that you don't walk leaning back on the sliver of a heel provided by the fabulous shoe maker. You must walk and even run up and down, squat and lunge, kick and climb in these things until you no longer have to look down and worry about your balance. When you have achieved this (congratulations) you are ready for a test run...

2. TRY THEM OUT - Once your comfort and balance has been mastered with a particular pair of stilettos... Try Them Out!! I would suggest you slap them on for a dinner party where a great deal of walking will not be required. The movies may also be a good choice seeing as walking is also limited for this activity. For your first Test Run, you want to make sure that you give yourself the opportunity to strut in these fantastically tall shoes without spending hours on your feet.

3. CHOOSE THE RIGHT OUTFIT - There is no point of wearing a remarkable pair of tall stilettos if you are going to over shadow them with a ridiculously over the top outfit! Have you ever heard of the phrase "less is more"? Well its accurate. In the event that you have a jaw dropping, eye watering, and outstanding pair of tall shoes let them get all the glory. I once sat next to Victoria Beckham and family court side at a LA Lakers game and Victoria was wearing these amazing Christian Louboutins stilettos with .... (wait for it).... skinny jeans and a white tank top. That was IT! That's a woman who knows when to let the shoes have the glory. If you are wearing a fab over the top, jaw dropping, eye watering, and outstanding outfit then wear tall stilettos that compliment the ensembles (not ones that pull attention away from it).

4. CONFIDENCE - If you are bold enough to employ the use of tall shoes and I'm speaking of 4 inches or higher, then you had better "own" them! Behave as though you have been wearing these types of shoes your entire existence! The shoes are not wear you my dear friend, it is YOU that are wearing these Really High Shoes! Head up, shoulders back, legs elongated when you step, smile beaming and of course NEVER LOOK DOWN. EVER (not that you'd need to because after all you are now a professional .... this is THE ONLY WAY to do it I'm afraid. 

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  1. <3 This post! I swear your blog really inspires me and teaches me so much.

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom!